FAQs - SecuReveal


You have questions about our whistleblowing-software SecuReveal? Maybe you will find a clarification below:

How do I report an issue?

The whistleblower can either create a report by using a secure, encrypted, online-form or by calling the 24h hotline.

Is SecuReveal® secure?

The online whistleblowing system consists of two separate and encrypted servers and two databases, which are operated in an ISO 27001 certified computer centre. A certification according to the data protection seal “EuroPriSe” (European Privacy Seal) is being prepared.

Server location and operation within the EU grant maximum data security.

Upon request we install SecuReveal® directly into your server infrastructure.

Can the whistleblower report anonymously?

Yes, an anonymous report is possible but not mandatory.

SecuReveal® supports the anonymity of the whistleblower with several technical features (e.g. Minimization of collected log files, removal of document properties when uploading files).

Is it possible to have a dialogue between whistleblower and the compliance department?

Yes, the whistleblower can correspond with the compliance department by using the anonymous chat.

With the case number, which was given to the whistleblower, he/she can authenticate himself/herself afterwards as well (e.g. leniency).

What case types and violations can be reported?

SecuReveal® can be adapted to the individual company requirements.

Our legal cooperation partners at WOLF THEISS advise you in legally required or recommended notification reasons.

Which type of authentication and authorization is used?

For compliance officers only personalised accounts are used and solely complex passwords are accepted. For external access you need a two-factor-authentication.

Is it possible to upload files, pictures and documents?

Yes, you can upload several files as .xls, .pdf, docx, .jpg in a free definable size.

Is the system multilingual?

Yes, SecuReveal® is offered in all common languages.

Is there a user management with rights assignment for different user groups within the company?

Yes, depending on the size and structure of the company different user groups can be assigned with different rights.

External user (e.g. lawyers, consultants) can be integrated as well on a case-by-case basis and with different read and write rights.

Is the entire process logged in audit trails?

Each individual transaction and event during the creation, processing and completion of the notification is logged and securely archived. The anonymity of the whistleblower is, of course, guaranteed.

What forms of reporting are there?

SecuReveal® creates different standard reports. For example, data and facts per case, per compliance officer, by region or time can be prepared for processing and exported. These reports can also be customized according to the needs of the Company.

Are there interfaces to other systems and platforms?

As a „Software as a Service“ SecuReveal® is separated from other hardware and software within the corporate infrastructure. This protects both the whistleblowers and the employees of the organization.

What services are included in the standard pricing model?

The current user fee covers the entire operation of the whistleblowing system. In addition to operation, technical maintenance and first and second level support, the ongoing updating of the software is also included.

For the initial setup of the system a one-time installation fee is charged (depending on the deviations from the standard).