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EU reaches provisional agreement on whistleblower protection

On 12 March 2019, the European Parliament and EU Member States reached a provisional agreement on new rules to guarantee EU-wide standards of protection for whistleblowers that report breaches of EU law.

The protection mechanism has to include:

  • Clear reporting channels
  • A three tier reporting system
  • Feedback obligations for authorities and companies
  • Prevention of retaliation and effective protection

The provisional agreement now has to be formally approved by both the European Parliament and the Council.

Ralf Peschek and Roland Marko, both lawyers at Wolf Theiss, held a business breakfast to discuss this new EU Directive. You can find more information here.

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Seminar on Whistleblowing Systems in Warsaw

Prevent reputation crisis

Polish companies should intensify efforts to strengthen their internal whistleblowing systems, which increases value for all stakeholders and can prevent reputation crises, according to experts gathered at a seminar held by international law firm Wolf Theiss in Warsaw on November 29, 2017.

“Implementing effective whistleblowing systems within a company is not an easy task, but it is really beneficial,” said Jacek Michalski, Partner and Head of the Corporate and M&A Practice at Wolf Theiss in Warsaw. “The benefits are obvious, as a proper compliance function helps minimize legal risks and facilitates internal channeling of information, and without doubt is a driver of positive perceptions.”

Experts talking data security and confidentiality

Besides experts from leading enterprises like T-Mobile Polska SA or the Warsaw Stock exchange, Jacek Michalski, Roland Marko and Gernot Rauter attended the event.


“What’s key is that violations of compliance codes can be easily reported, securely handled and quickly solved,” said Gernot Rauter, General Manager at Responsible Business Solutions, a Wolf Theiss subsidiary that offers the SecuReveal internet-based whistleblowing system. “To ensure active compliance management, you need a reliable system where data security and confidentiality have top priority, and where a whistleblower is not traceable and remains protected.”

You can find the whole press release here.

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